Greek PM Mitsotakis Launches Anti-Bullying Drive


While in Thessaloniki on Tuesday, Greek PM Kyriakos Mitsotakis spearheaded a nationwide crusade against school bullying, unveiling a robust plan at the 3rd Junior High School of Polichni. Joined by Education Minister Kyriakos Pierrakakis, they engaged in discussions with students and educators, outlining a multifaceted strategy to tackle the pressing issue.

"The time for silence is over. Bullying affects us all – it's not just a government concern but a societal one. It's time to acknowledge it and take decisive action," asserted Mitsotakis.

Central to the initiative is the reinstatement of a five-day suspension for bullies, marking a stern deterrent against such behaviour. Furthermore, a digital platform for reporting incidents will be introduced, empowering students and parents to speak up and seek assistance promptly.

In a bold move, the costs incurred from vandalism caused by students will now be the responsibility of their parents, emphasising accountability and discouraging destructive behaviour.

Under the new measures, absences will undergo digitisation, with parents granted access to an e-platform for managing attendance records. Exceptions for justified absences, such as medical reasons, will be strictly upheld.

Mobile phone usage within school premises will be prohibited, fostering a conducive learning environment and minimising distractions. Severe penalties, including the transfer of students to alternative educational settings, await perpetrators of actions endangering fellow students.

Pierrakakis underscored the need for swift and efficient administrative processes, ensuring that interventions are timely and effective. A poignant video presentation underscored the gravity of the issue, emphasising the collective responsibility to address bullying head-on.

With these comprehensive measures and digital innovations, Greece takes a bold step forward in combating bullying, setting a precedent for proactive intervention and fostering safer school environments nationwide.


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