Ioannis Lagos Declares Nazi Allegiance During Golden Dawn Trial


In a dramatic moment during the ongoing Golden Dawn trial, Ioannis Lagos, a convicted member of the criminal organisation, openly declared his allegiance to Nazism. "I'm a Nazi! Will you try me for this?" Lagos exclaimed in frustration at the Five-Member Criminal Appeals Court. His outburst came in response to questions directed at a witness about incidents of vandalism involving Nazi symbols at a synagogue and Jewish cemetery in Ioannina.


The witness, Alexandros Raptis, a historical researcher affiliated with a local newspaper, detailed various acts of violence carried out by Golden Dawn's assault battalions. Raptis recounted a 2009 incident where Golden Dawn members, holding events promoting the "autonomy of Northern Epirus" and the "end of the civil war," caused significant disturbances in Ioannina. He described how a group of 300-400 individuals from Athens incited riots, attacking students and citizens who opposed their events. "They acted like the assault battalions of 1933," Raptis stated.

Throughout Raptis' testimony, Lagos displayed visible irritation, culminating in his outburst when the prosecutor inquired about the presence of Nazi symbols during the vandalism of Jewish sites. The prosecutor asked whether the Thule emblem, associated with the Nazi regime, was involved. Raptis confirmed that the emblem, linked to the Nazi elite SS units, was prominently featured in early Golden Dawn publications.

Lagos' anger peaked when the prosecutor questioned the difference between the Thule's swastika and the Nazi swastika. Shouting, Lagos declared, "This trial is not otherwise political! I declare myself a Nazi! Will you try me for this? So that we can leave sometime! I'm a National Socialist! Don't make a fool of yourself any longer, condemn me and get it over with. You have here the graphic witness and you have no shame, you disgraceful people!" He then stormed out of the courtroom.

Prosecution lawyers requested that Lagos' statement be officially recorded, emphasising the significance of his open admission. One lawyer noted, "It is very important; it is the first time that such a thing is openly confessed."

The trial continues as the court examines the extent of Golden Dawn's criminal activities and the ideological convictions of its members.

(Source: Amna)

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