Marialena Terzi – The Woman Behind ‘Greek Mama Chef’

Greek Mama Chef Marialena Terzi

Greek Mama Chef Marialena Terzi


“I blog about home cooking, mum life and about Greece”.

If you are anything like me, you are always looking for food inspiration and recipes on the internet. One of the women I have been following for a while now, and I have tried to recreate lots of her recipes is Marialena Terzi aka Greek Mama Chef.


Greek Mama Chef Marialena Terzi             Greek Mama Chef Marialena Terzi


Marialena is half Cretan, and half from Thessaloniki which is also where she lives with her children and her husband. Marialena was raised abroad but with major Greek influence from her parents. She was born in Johannesburg, moved to Greece for a few of years and then the final stop was Perth in Australia before they returned to Greece for good when her father retired. Her father worked for the Greek Embassy, hence all the travelling growing up.


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Marialena spent her teenage years in Perth and she considers Australia her second home. Even though she wasn’t born here, this is the place where she discovered herself. She misses Australia a lot and cannot wait to be able to visit again. The last time she was in Australia was in 2010 when her father in law Pasxalis Terzis was here on a tour.

Marialena has had a passion for cooking from a really young age. She remembers when her mum bought her a cookbook for her 6th birthday present. She still has the cookbook till this day. She might not be a certified chef, but she is definitely the chef of her house and gives her 14,600 followers lots of recipes, so that all of us can become chefs in our own homes too.


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Greek Mama Chef started out as a hashtag. Marialena started taking photos of her wonderful food creations as a hobby. She then started uploading and sharing these photos with her friends and she kept using the hashtag #greekmamachef.  One day she thought “Why don’t I open up a page and I can blog about this?”

In 2015 Greek Mama Chef was born, when Marialena set up a Facebook and Instagram page, and a website.


Greek Mama Chef Marialena Terzi


On the website you will find most recipes in both English and Greek. On Instagram and Facebook most of the recipes are now written in Greek, but Marialena is more than happy to translate any of the recipes in English if someone requests it.


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In 2015, at the beginning of this journey, she also won an award by Βήμα Gourmet Food Blog Awards for the Best Greek Cooking in English. “It was such an honour, as I only had 1,000 followers back then”.


Greek Mama Chef Marialena Terzi


When asked, what is the aim of Greek Mama Chef, Marialena says “To be true, unique and not fake. I really want to get the food out there. The pictures are all about the food being yummy and wanting people getting hungry over the food. I have put a part of my personality into my blog”.


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“This is not something I live off. It is something that I love doing, and I do it every day. I cook for my kids and my family. I enjoy it and it is part of my life”.

On Greek Mama Chef you will find lots of different types of food. “Greek food is so nutritious. I promote this the most, but also lots of desserts and food from other cultures”.

Visit Greek Mama Chef and you will not be disappointed. I have made a few of the recipes and they have all been so delicious and turned out beautifully. You will not be disappointed. If you make any of the recipes, take a photo of your creation and don’t forget to tag us.

Website: (in English) (in Greek)



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