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Famous Greek chicken gyros recipe

Some may not be able to visit Greece at the moment due to travel restrictions, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t bring Greece into to your home and onto your taste buds with our recipe for the best homemade chicken gyros.


Loukoumades: Greek Honey Puffs Recipe

They’re hot, fluffy and crisp, usually drizzled with honey and cinnamon or chopped walnuts, while in a more modern rendition they’re dipped in luscious melty chocolate. The ping pong-ball size mouthfuls are…

Kolokythakia Tiganita- Zucchini Chips Recipe 1

Kolokythakia Tiganita- Zucchini Chips Recipe

Kolokythakia Tiganita (in Greek: κολοκυθάκια τηγανητά)- fried zucchini chips are delicious as a starter, side or even a snack! It doesn’t get simpler and tastier than this traditional speciality, which has become famous…


Lemonopita: Greek Lemon Phyllo Pie Recipe

Mother’s Day is this Sunday, May 10. While celebrations may look a little different this year, families can still celebrate and convey their love and appreciation with a homemade dessert. Here’s a…

Pastitso Pie

Pastitso + Pie = Pastitso Pie!

We have all eaten many plates of pastitso in our lives, but none have tasted as truly original and delicious as this. Alevri, the brainchild of creative cafe entrepreneur Aki Daikos and…

Rizogalo- Vikki and Helena

Rizogalo: Rice Pudding with Honey Recipe

Vikki and Helena Vikki and Helena, sassy twins born in South Australia. The girls learnt the tricks of the trade from their Greek grandmother. Growing up in a Greek family has given them…

Tsoureki with Red Eggs

Tsoureki Recipe for Pascha

Tsoureki is a sweet Greek Easter bread, which has a three-strand braid to represent the Holy Trinity. It is traditionally made today, Holy Thursday (along with the dyeing of the Easter eggs) and eaten…


Koulourakia Paschalina Recipe

Koulourakia Paschalina are traditional Greek Easter biscuits, which are usually prepared a few days leading up to Pascha. They’re not too sweet and make an excellent biscuit to accompany your frappe, coffee,…

Alevri's Tsoureki Thessaloniki's!

World’s first Bougatsa/Galaktoboureko hybrid Tsoureki at Alevri

WARNING: THIS ARTICLE WILL MAKE YOUR MOUTH WATER! Oh sugar! Don’t miss trying Alevri’s Tsoureki Thessaloniki’s! Alevri, the brainchild of creative cafe entrepreneur Aki Daikos and his wife Kathy, have come up…

Revithosoupa: Greek Chickpea Soup

Revithosoupa: Greek Chickpea Soup Recipe

Margaret from Create Cook Share Growing up in Australia, my parents kept the Greek Easter traditions of fasting for 40 days. Even though it may sound like a long time, I never…

Eliopites- Cypriot olive pastries

Recipe for Eliopites- Cypriot olive pastries

Love of food and family are intertwined in the Greek culture, so it seems impossible to embrace one without the other. Every recipe triggers memories of dishes prepared for family gatherings, mostly…


Traditional Vasilopita Recipe by Akis Petretzikis

By Akis Petretzikis Greece has a lovely tradition of baking a special cake for the New Year, to start things off right! It’s called a “Vasilopita”. Those who follow the tradition strictly…

Yiannis Kasidokostas Prawns and Authentic Greek Fava Recipe 4

Yiannis Kasidokostas Prawns and Authentic Greek Fava Recipe

Enjoy this Prawn and Greek Fava recipe brought to you by Michelin star chef Yiannis Kasidokostas. Enjoy more of his delicious authentic Greek recipes at SOWL Restaurant in Carnegie, Melbourne. SOWL Restaurant will be open for trading over the holiday season.

Celebrating Greece’s Laiki Agora in the cooler months 5

Celebrating Greece’s Laiki Agora in the cooler months

The laiki agora, or outdoor neighbourhood market, is a wonderful adventure to explore any time of year. Street-long rows of farmers’ stands overflow with fruit and vegetables in every colour, shape, and…

Homemade Gigantes Plaki recipe 12

Homemade Gigantes Plaki recipe

Gigantes Plaki is a classic Greek vegetarian and vegan dish that can be found in most taverns across Greece during summer and winter. This popular recipe consists of giant beans baked in…

Homemade Greek Pastelli recipe 14

Homemade Greek Pastelli recipe

Pastelli is Greece’s famous honey sesame bar, which is a sweet snack that can be eaten at any time of the day. Our homemade recipe creates the original sesame and honey version,…