Gordon Ramsay-approved Hoocut opens new Nea Smyrni store: "Stop calling it a ****ing kebab"

Gordon Ramsay Hoocut

After a successful four years, Hoocut is expanding with a new store in Nea Smyrni and very soon with a third one in Peristeri, which will complement the flagship store in Plateia Agia Irini near Monastiraki.

Since July 16, the new store in Nea Smyrni has been open, and it is certainly a unique experience as the entire preparation process takes place in easy view of the customer: raw material management, cutting and roasting of meat.

Hoocut Gyros

The first store was opened in 2018 and since then, the four owners have simultaneously created a meat processing plant called Metameat, which is also the Hoocut's exclusive meat supplier, in charge of raw material with its strict quality control.

On the menu, in addition to the classic Greek pita gyros, there are pitas wrapped with beef or mutton, open pies with pork, chicken or black pig sausage, as well as vegetarian suggestions, such as pie with handmade dolmades, pie wrapped with squid, taramosalata and spring onion.

Hoocut Gyros

It is recalled that Hoocut featured on Gordon, Gino and Fred’s Road Trip across Greece in 2021

In one scene, a war of words ensued between one of the chefs of the shop and renowned Italian chef Gino D’Acampo.

The Greek chef questioned Gino’s pizza skills, with the Italian asking why this matters since they’re cooking “kebabs.”

“No, no, not a kebab, it’s souvlaki in Greece,” the chef said, adding: “aye pizza boy, its souvlaki.”

Scottish chef Gordon Ramsay could be seen laughing immediately.

After the hilarious scene, a competition between two Hootcut chefs on one side and Gino and Gordon on the other.

Gordon could be seen telling Gino: “Just stop calling it a ****ing kebab.”

The Italian was quick to say “he’s calling me a pizza boy.”

Ramsay was clearly concerned of not wanting to upset the locals by confusing a Greek souvlaki with a Turkish kebab.

The Italian chef was born in Torre del Greco, which in Italian means “Greek man’s tower.” Torre del Greco is a municipality of Naples (Neapolis/Νεάπολις), a city founded by Ancient Greeks in the 8th Century BC.

The Hoocut shops are open every day from 12:00 to 23:30 and Friday and Saturday until 1:00.

Info: Pl. 9 Agia Irinis, Athens tel.: 210 32 400 26 | El. 71 Venizelou Street, Nea Smyrni Prefecture, tel. 210 93 444 57.

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