Swimming Prohibited in Attica

Swimming has been prohibited in at least one dozen locations in Attica that have been deemed to be unfit for bathing by the Greek Health Ministry.

The decision comes after sampling was carried out by the region’s Environmental Health Services during both this year and the previous year’s swimming seasons.

The Greek Health Ministry published a circular that contains a list of 12 locations where bathing in the sea is not allowed and have directed that relevant markings, including prohibition signs, should be placed at these locations by the relevant local government authorities.

The Port Authorities are requested to monitor these points, to ensure that the prohibition signs are placed in appropriate places and are not damaged.

12 Attica Locations Deemed Unsuitable for Swimming by the Greek Health Ministry

  1. All ports, permanent berths, ship yards and ship breakers
  2. The entire area from the port of Piraeus to Perama
  3. The entire Skaramanga area up to the Aspropyrgos beach
  4. All Skafaki Ports, Stavrou of Aktis Themistokleos, in the harbour of the Cadet School and 100 meters either side of the MIRAMARE Center
  5. The area from the Northern end of Mikrolimanos to the Xirotagaros coast (marina limit)
  6. The left point of the “EDEM” coast near the “EDEM” restaurant and 100 meters on either side of the mouth of the Pikrodafni stream
  7. In the 50 metre zone either side of the outcomes of all draining pipelines
  8. In the 200 metre zone either side of the mouths of the outlet of the pipelines of biological wastewater treatment facilities, and of any other similar outlet - in accordance with prefecture decisions prohibition signs are to be placed or the local health authorities propose the placement of relevant markings
  9. In the area of the Shipyards and the port of Lavrio Bay up to the PPC with the exception of the area starting from the Helmi coast and continuing to the Thorikou area (Theatre Coast)
  10. In Rafina - along the entire length of the outer side of the leeward pier of the port
  11. In a 200 metre zone from the outlet points of the pipelines of the biological purification facilities, which are located in the areas of Nea Makris and Marathon. In particular the THALA camps, and the Aviation-THAA camps. The ban does not include the swimming beach of KEDA/Z
  12. 200 metres either side of the mouth of the Asopos River.

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