Introducing Mia Dalkos – The Next Greek Miss Universe

Introducing Mia Dalkos – The Next Greek Miss Universe

Named after her maternal grandmother, Efthimia Dalkos’s first name is derived from the Greek word "efthimia" (ευθυμία), which translates to 'good mood' or 'cheerfulness'. And speaking to her one quickly realises that she embodies both of these very special qualities.

At 22 years of age and 164 centimetres tall, the vivacious Greek Australian beauty - nicknamed ‘Mia’ by her primary school teachers as they could not pronounce her full Greek name - recently received the news that she has been selected as an official Miss Universe Australia State finalist.  

Currently in the running to become crowned Miss Universe South Australia, the next stop for Mia is potentially Miss Universe Australia and from there, (we are hoping!) on to become the next Miss Universe!

“Ironically, the week before I had been approached by Miss Universe Australia, I had received a scam message from a page called Miss Europe Continental on Instagram, saying I had been selected as a finalist.  Thinking this did not sound right, I did my research I found out it was all a hoax,” Mia tells Greek City Times.

“At first part of me was hoping it wasn’t a scam, as the thought of competing in a Universe Pageant excited me. It made me think what an incredible experience it would be and the opportunities it could lead to. I think I put it out to the ‘universe’ - so to speak.

“To my surprise, just a few days later, I received a message through Instagram from the official Miss Universe Australia page. After noticing my profile, they reached out asking me to apply for the 2023 Miss Universe Australia contest,” she says.

With only two days remaining before applications closed, Mia had to act quickly, preparing all that was needed to meet the requirements for the application.

First things first. Mia immediately called her sister to tell her the great news … and let her know she had some work to do as chief photographer and videographer.

The very next day Mia sent in her application and eagerly waited.

“Exactly one week later I received an email from Miss Universe Australia notifying me I had been successful and selected as an official Miss Universe Australia State finalist (for real this time!)! I was jumping up and down with joy and rang my family immediately to share the exciting news,” recalls Mia who is one of fourteen South Australian State finalists, and a contestant of Greek heritage background.

The next step for Mia is the national finals which are taking place on May 16th, just four days from today.

“On May 16th I find out if I have gone through to the next stage, where we are requested to parade in a swimsuit in front of a panel of judges, whilst also partaking in a panel interview,” she explains.

So, what does one wear for such an occasion, you may wonder.

“I am not exactly sure yet what I will be wearing for Nationals, but I am thinking of collaborating with my friend Sofia Kapiris, amazing designer, and owner of Melani The Label, to create something spectacular for me,” answers Mia, who has modelled for ‘Melani the Label’ for the past year or so.

Evolution of the Miss Universe Pageant - an incredible self-development programme

The official preliminary to Miss Universe, each year the Miss Universe Australia sees 130 of the country’s most inspirational and beautifully confident young women participate in what has evolved into an incredible self-development programme.

Emerging with confidence, pride, friendships and networks, past participants such as the likes of Australia’s darling, Jennifer Hawkins, who went on to earn the Miss Universe crown, have used their platforms to advocate for important world issues and build successful careers.

“I suspect the selection committee of MUA are looking for a confident, intelligent, cultured, inspiring woman to represent Australia,” says Mia.

“Miss Universe Australia is much more than a beauty competition,” she explains. “It is a self-development program that I encourage all girls/women to apply for! It not only boosts your confidence, but it teaches you so much about yourself and allows you to evolve.

“One of the most rewarding outcomes of this program is the relationship you form with other finalists. And I am grateful for the opportunity of meeting so many likeminded women.”

Introducing Mia Dalkos – The Next Greek Miss Universe
Miss Universe Australia 2022 Finalists

Growing up Greek

Born and raised in Adelaide, South Australia by two parents of Greek heritage, Mia has one older sister, Athena who she “adores and loves”.

“Athena is my best friend, and we do everything together,” says Mia.

“I value the Greek culture, as growing up in a big family, my sister and I were taught the importance and significance of the Greek traditions, religion, and language.

“I especially admire the tradition of naming one’s child after the grandparent because the name will be passed down from generation to generation.

“I hope that one day in the future I will be fortunate to have grandchildren, perhaps named after me too, which I know will hold a dear place in my heart, reminding me of my Yiayia and own childhood.”

Speaking about her childhood and ‘growing up Greek’, Mia recalls that her family attended church services regularly, with fond memories especially of Easter and Christmas time.

“I remember on Easter Saturday, after the midnight service we (cousins, aunts and uncles) would go to our yiayia and pappou’s home and have the traditional ‘mayiritsa’ soup,” she says.

Mia attended Greek School twice a week after school, and always looked forward to home time as her pappou and yiayia on her father’s side would come to collect her and her sister.

“On the way home, pappou would play the traditional Greek music which I didn’t like listening to at the time as it was the real old village songs from his childhood,” she laughs.

“As an adult now, I appreciate the reason my pappou loved listening to this music.

It was a way he could feel closer to his homeland.”

Upon arriving at their grandparent’s house the girls’ yiayia would head straight to the kitchen and start preparing food for them.

Migrating to Australia with big dreams

“I am very close with my grandparents and family and will always make the time to see them, whether it is visiting them in my lunch break from work, having dinner with them or simply popping in for a quick hug,” says Mia.

“They always know how to ground me, if I am feeling down or overwhelmed in general. They have that special touch. All four of my grandparents are very supportive towards all their grandchildren.”

“I am lucky to have grown up with two sets of grandparents who have been wonderful role models. They left their loved ones and their homeland to escape poverty and hardship, came to Australia with big dreams and created a comfortable and happy life for themselves and their families.”

An extremely hard worker herself, in addition to her modelling Mia currently works for the Department of Education at Glenunga International High School. She also owns and runs a small business ‘Mia’s Hire Boutique’ located in the Eastern suburbs of Adelaide, which she established in 2021.

“I love interacting with women of all ages and dressing them for that special event in their lives. I find it so rewarding as a great bond with my customer is also created, Mis tells Greek City Times.

Raising money for cancer charities after her own family's painful experience

Part of Mia’s commitment as a Miss Universe Australia 2023 State finalist, is to raise funds for her chosen charities, ToyBox Australia and Camp Quality.

ToyBox Australia and Camp Quality are two wonderful charities that are dedicated to supporting Australian families and children living with cancer,” says Mia, who has personally felt the impact of cancer on a family and loved ones.

“My partner’s older brother sadly lost his battle to bowel cancer at the age of 32 in June last year. I understand the difficulty and anguish a family goes through, watching their dearly loved one go through the challenges the illness throws at them. It is certainly one of the most painful experiences us humans can endure.”

As one of South Australia’s top three fundraiser participants, Mia was recently invited to attend a Camp Quality Family Camp held in the South Australian city of Bedford Park.

“It was incredible to see first-hand what these camps provide for the children in need, and how much they support the struggling families. It was such a special experience for me, one which I will cherish forever,” says Mia, who at this point in time has raised over $6,000 for the cause, surpassing her original goal of $5,000.

“At the camp we played bingo, had some fun on the playground, ate pizza and created sand art! Being able to bond and interact one on one with these children, puts life into perspective and adds meaning to what really matters in life.”

“It brings me so much joy and purpose knowing that in some small way, I can provide a little bit of comfort in the lives of children that are battling this awful illness.”

Mia has also raised funds by organising a huge sale through her business, Mia’s Hire Boutique by selling pre-worn dresses with 100% of proceeds going to ToyBox.

“I also hosted a Bake Sale at Glenunga International High School, which was a great success, selling over 500 different baked goodies to the students and staff at the school,” says Mia.

“And my most recent fundraiser event was a Sip & Paint party which was a great success, bringing close family and friends together to have a glass of wine and get creative on the canvas all for a great cause.”

“Organising events that are simple yet so fun to benefit the lives of sick children makes me fall in love with what I am doing and fuels purpose within myself,” says Mia. “It brings me so much joy and purpose knowing that in some small way, I can provide a little bit of comfort in the lives of children that are battling this awful illness.”

Using the Miss Universe Pageant to make a difference

“If I win the Miss Universe Australia title, my aim is to work consistently by promoting the wellbeing of women all ages. I am a great advocate for wellness and self care, as I feel there are many women out there who get caught up with the fast pace of life and forget to pause, taking time to listen to their bodies. I want to be able to set up a platform where I can help motivate and encourage women to be the best version of themselves and help achieve their goals in life.”

“Whoever wins Miss Universe Australia will proudly go to America to the official Miss Universe competition to represent our beautiful country!” says Mia.

And we believe that Mia has what it takes.

Support Mia Dalkos in her quest to be crowned Miss Universe Australia

You can support Mia as a contestant in the Miss Universe Australia pageant by donating to her ToyBox GrassRootz account and by following and showing support on her social media platform @efth.imia  

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