Embracing Tradition, Enlivening Lives: St. Basil's NSW & ACT Celebrates Culture with Engaging Lifestyle Activities

St. Basil's

St. Basil's NSW & ACT, a not-for-profit organisation established by the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia, is committed to providing exceptional care and enriching the lives of ageing Australians. With a focus on tailored activities and fostering a sense of belonging, St. Basil's NSW & ACT offers a wide range of lifestyle activities that cater to the diverse interests and preferences of its residents. By actively involving residents and their families in the planning process, St. Basil's NSW & ACT ensures that their activities align with their passions and desires, and that it provides a vibrant lifestyle experience.

A Resident-Centric Approach

At St. Basil's NSW & ACT, the primary goal is to create an environment where residents feel a strong sense of belonging and can continue enjoying their favourite activities and hobbies. The organisation places great emphasis on understanding each resident's interests and preferences, ensuring that the activities are tailored to their individual needs. By actively involving residents and their relatives in the planning process, the Recreational Activities staff of St. Basil's NSW & ACT create a vibrant and engaging atmosphere that resonates with their lifestyle needs.

Celebrating Cultural Traditions

St. Basil's NSW & ACT celebrates Greek national, religious, and cultural days with warmth and enthusiasm. As a community deeply rooted in Greek traditions, St. Basil's NSW & ACT ensures that these significant occasions are marked with reverence and joy. Residents and their families take part in the celebrations, creating a strong sense of cultural identity and fostering a vibrant community spirit.

Spiritual Support and Services

St. Basil's NSW & ACT recognises the importance of faith and spirituality in the lives of its residents. With beautiful Greek Orthodox chapels located within each home, residents have easy access to regular church services. Attending these services allows residents to connect with their spiritual beliefs, find solace, and participate in religious traditions that hold special meaning to them.

Vibrant Community Engagement

St. Basil's NSW & ACT aims to create vibrant and lively homes for its residents. Casual visitors, performers, bands, and volunteers regularly visit the homes, bringing energy and excitement to the residents' lives. These interactions foster a sense of community and provide opportunities for socialising, sharing stories, and making new connections.

Weekly Excursions

To ensure a well-rounded experience, St. Basil's NSW & ACT organises weekly excursions for residents. These outings provide opportunities to explore the local community, visit cultural landmarks, enjoy nature, and engage in various recreational activities. The excursions not only stimulate residents' minds but also promote social interaction and create cherished memories.

Therapeutic Activities

Recognising the positive impact of art and music, St. Basil's NSW & ACT provides art therapy and music therapy on a daily basis. These therapeutic activities offer residents an outlet for self-expression, creativity, and emotional well-being. Through engaging in these activities, residents can relax, reduce stress, and find joy in their artistic pursuits.

St. Basil's NSW & ACT is dedicated to providing quality care and enhancing the lives of its residents. By prioritising resident-centric activities, celebrating cultural traditions, fostering community engagement, and offering therapeutic programs, St. Basil's NSW & ACT creates an enriching and fulfilling lifestyle for its residents. The organisation's commitment to catering to individual interests and desires ensures that residents feel a strong sense of belonging and continue to enjoy their favourite activities and hobbies. St. Basil's NSW & ACT stands as a shining example of how an aged care provider can create an environment that promotes well-being, engagement, and happiness for ageing Australians.

Learn more at the St. Basil's NSW & ACT website.

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