Canaves Oia Luxury Resorts Earns Hotelier of the Year Award

Canaves Oia Santorini luxury hotel greece

Canaves Oia Luxury Resorts, a collection of five luxury hotels on Santorini, has received international recognition with its owner and CEO, Markos Chaidemenos, being named Hotelier of the Year at the 35th Virtuoso Travel Week. This prestigious award marks a significant achievement for both Chaidemenos and the hospitality group.

Chaidemenos' recognition as Hotelier of the Year by Virtuoso reflects his outstanding contributions to the world of luxury hospitality. During the Virtuoso Travel Awards ceremony in Las Vegas, he expressed his gratitude and acknowledged the collective efforts of his dedicated team. Chaidemenos emphasised that the award is a recognition of the hard work and dedication of the entire hotel staff.


The history of Canaves Oia Luxury Resorts dates back to 1983 when Yannis and Anna Chaidemenou transformed a traditional winery into the Canaves Oia Boutique Hotel. Since then, the Chaidemenos family, led by Markos Chaidemenos and his brother Alexandros, has expanded their hotel business and created a renowned brand in the luxury hospitality sector.

Canaves Oia Luxury Resorts consist of five distinctive properties, each offering a unique experience. These resorts are renowned for their picturesque locations overlooking the Aegean Sea and their harmonious blend of modern luxury and traditional Cycladic architecture.

The resorts are celebrated for their exceptional service, which caters to the needs of every guest. From personalised concierge services to world-class dining, Canaves Oia Luxury Resorts are dedicated to ensuring a memorable stay for visitors.

Canaves Oia Luxury Resorts have received recognition from esteemed publications such as Conde Nast Traveler and Travel & Leisure. These accolades underscore the group's commitment to delivering exceptional guest experiences.

In the coming five years, Canaves Oia Luxury Resorts will focus on enhancing its existing hotels on Santorini, aiming to elevate guest experiences further. The group also has plans to expand its brand to other Aegean islands, extending its luxury hospitality offerings to new destinations.

As they continue to grow, Canaves Oia Luxury Resorts is poised to provide their signature luxury experience not only on Santorini but also on other captivating Aegean islands.

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