Top 5 Diving Destinations in Greece

diving spots in Greece

Wonderful turquoise waters, shipwrecks, corals and seashells make the ideal setting for diving. Over the last few years, Greece has become a “must” destination for diving enthusiasts, who choose to spend their summers exploring the Greek islands.

As we have just entered the Autumn season, now it is the best time to plan your diving vacation. During September, seas are generally smoother, the visibility is at its best, and there are lots and lots of fish and other marine life to see around you while diving.

Here are the top diving spots in Greece to start your underwater journey:

Santorini (Σαντορίνη)

Santorini is one of the most popular Greek islands among tourists, mainly for its incomparable sunset. However, many tourists don’t know that there is a whole new world under Santorini’s waters. The island’s volcanic nature gives the underwater landscape a unique charm. Αλσο, τhe high salt concentration of the water makes diving super relaxing, almost like an underwater cruising experience.

The best diving spots in Santorini are Cape Tripiti, the Taxiarchis area with its shipwreck and the reef of Adiavati.




Chios (Χίος)

The island of Chios has some of the most beautiful caves you will find underwater. Colourful corals, unique rock formations and even shipwrecks make Chios an excellent place for underwater exploration. Diving in the island is also considered ideal for beginner divers, since its waters have good visibility and temperatures are moderate.

Elinda, Prasonisi and Trachili are some of the most popular diving spots.

Chios, Greece diving


Zakynthos/Zante (Ζάκυνθος)

Zakynthos, one of the top touristic destinations in Greece, is paradise for divers from all over the world. The island’s waters hide a very interesting sea world, especially in its southwestern part. The rich flora and fauna, in combination with the crystal-clear turquoise waters, the abundant marine world and the thrilling caves, create the ideal background for dream dives. If you decide to dive in Zakynthos there is a high probability that you will find yourself swimming next to a Caretta-Caretta sea turtle or the Mediterranean seal Monachus-Monachus.

Best places to dive in Zakynthos are the Laganas and Turtle beaches, as well as the internationally renowned National Marine Park.


image008Zakynthos/Zante (Ζάκυνθος) Greece diving

Kalymnos (Κάλυμνος)

Kalymnos is a pole of attraction for diving fans due to its abundance of sponges, reefs, caves and shipwrecks, creating a dreamy setting that truly remains unforgettable. The waters of Kalymnos have high visibility and low smooth currents, while a rich ecosystem is hiding in between the unique rocky sea floor of the island. Oftentimes, divers see big tuna fish and even dolphins during dives in Kalymnos.

The area Therma - Pithari, the diving park, the sponge farms in Kastelli and Kambi and the area Diapori of Leros are the areas that attract the most divers.

image009Kalymnos (Κάλυμνος) Greece divingKalymnos (Κάλυμνος) Greece

Crete (Κρήτη)

The island of Crete is famous around the world for its rich history, unique culture, pink sand and sun-kissed coasts. The underwater world of Crete, however, is equally popular among divers. Its imposing wild beauty continues in the sea with formations of abysses, caves and reefs. There are numerous shipwrecks and plane crates as well, that showcase the history of the island.

Dozens of impressive diving spots are located in the Gulf of Souda, and on the rocky shores from Kalyves to Georgioupolis. Among them the underwater Cave of Elephants, the Skinaria beach, the cape of Spatha and the cape of Gramvousa, the shores of Kavo Sidero and of course, Koufonisi.

Diving spots Greece CreteDiving spots Greece CreteDiving spots Greece Crete

It is important to mention that each island with diving spots has its own diving school where even beginners can train and get their diving certificate and license. Prices for a diving lesson range from 30-40€ (50-65 AUD) including equipment.

If you are a sea lover, do something different and memorable on your vacation to Greece, and dive deeper so that you discover a new world hidden under the surface of the water, immersed in absolute peace and tranquility.



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