Glykeria: I have a very strong internal bond with Haris Alexiou


Glykeria gave an interview and talked about the collaborations she has been through and the artists she admires.

The great performer spoke on the show "Studio 4" and initially, she mentioned Haris Alexiou, with whom, while they have a strong bond, they still haven't managed to collaborate on stage, except once.

"As a generation, I came after Dalaras and Alexiou. With Haris, I was only at a concert we did as a tribute to Stelios Kazantzidis. We didn't happen to meet again. We have a very strong inner bond. Every time we are somewhere for other reasons, she tells me and I tell her," she said.

Then, she talked about the collaborations that have stood out.

"The one I worked with a lot is George Dalaras. I have done very nice collaborations, such as Mitropanos, Parios, Marinella, Vitali and of course, with Melina Aslanidou. I keep inside me many great people from the past," she declared.

Regarding the artists who have stood out from rebetiko singing, she said: "All of them have left a mark, an imprint, I listen to them very often and follow their lives and progress. Through their songs they described their life and their difficulties."

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