Nisyros: Here you will taste the best dishes of the island


Although Nisyros is actually an extinct volcano, it has a rich tree cover - olives, lemon trees, wild pistachio trees, oak trees, and almond trees, which are the basis for several dishes and figs, which is why the Turks used to call the island "Insirlik", i.e. "fig island". The wonderful capers are in all the salads, and the many aromatic herbs provide an extremely aromatic honey.

The rich volcanic soil is held on the sloping slopes by the numerous stone terraces ("vastadia") turning the slopes into arable land. Today, legumes, mainly chickpeas and barley, are grown, and there are also vines.

In Nisyros, many sheep and goats give enough milk for cheese products and a few cattle. Typical local cheeses are fresh mizithra, kopanisti, goat's white cheese, goat's cheese soaked in red wine and "sakuliasti", a white unctuous cheese like very thick yogurt, with a sub-acidic taste.

Distinctive dishes of the local cuisine are the kapamas (goat stuffed with rice and livers), the bogana (lamb in a stew with garlic and potatoes), the "pitthakias" (chickpeaballs), the buk(h)ounies (fat pork slow-cooked until it remains only with its fat in which it is preserved), the veal with pilaf, the skordalia with almonds.

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Characteristic sweets are "haluvas", ie halva with almonds baked in the oven, moschopoulias (fried syrupy baklavas), xerotigana, diples, loukoumades, the amazing tomato spoon dessert and pastries, ie dried figs stuffed with almonds and sesame seeds. In the bakeries, you will find seven-leaved bread with chickpea sourdough and small, thin pretzels with a characteristic shape.

Almonds and a few bitter almonds are also the basis for sumada, the famous soft drink of all the Aegean islands, which many say originates from Nisyros. Kanelada, a soft drink made from syrup flavoured with cinnamon, is also very popular, as is "Sapecho ", a drink flavoured with marjoram (sapecho).

Wine Identity

Viticulture has an important history on the island, and a large part of the terraces were cultivated with vines. The Mavrothiriko variety was found in Nisyros, cultivated at the Vine Institute, and today, it is cultivated in Rhodes for PDO wine but also in Kos as PGI.

Today, organised viticulture is almost nonexistent on the island, and winemaking is done at home for self-consumption. However, "kukouzina" (the local name for suma), a product distilled from grape stems (kukuza) or figs, is produced and bottled.


ΑποΛωλή Κόρη (Apololi Kori)

ΑποΛωλή Κόρη

Stone-built restaurant in the alleys, with a beautiful atmospheric courtyard and special Mediterranean flavours. It serves everything from chickpea salad and stuffing to pasta and grilled fish.

Address: Nisyros, Mantraki, Town Hall Road, Tel: 2242 031024,

Το Μπαλκόνι του Εμπορειού (To Balkoni tou eboriou)

Family tavern with a commanding view of the volcano's crater that takes your breath away. It promises authentic traditional flavours of delicious stews and grilled local meats. Try dolmades, fried octopus, lamb ribs, and chickpeas.

Address: Nisyros, Emporios, Tel: 2242 031607,

Aphrodite Grill & Seafood Restaurant

Aphrodite Grill & Seafood Restaurant

Traditional tavern with fresh fish and seafood or delicious stews. Next to the sea and the boats, you will enjoy vinegared octopus, steamed mussels, fish soup, chickpea meatballs, ribs, and baked bones.

Address: Nisyros, Paloi, Marina, Tel: 2242 031560,

Nikola's Cafe

Picturesque cafe in the highest village of the island and its beautiful cobbled square. It offers handmade eggplant salad, tzatziki, fresh salads, eggplants with cheese, and other traditional and delicious snacks.

Address: Nisyros, Nikia, Tel: 2242 031191

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