Visiting Serifos? This is where you MUST eat

Takis Serifos

Although Serifos is often sidelined because of Mykonos, Santorini, Milos and other islands in the Cyclades, those who do have an amazing culinary experience.

On Serifos, amidst its iron ore and granite landscapes, visitors will find some beautiful traditional white-washed villages, plenty of pristine beaches, and some of Greece's best food.

The island is just a short ferry ride from Athens, Serifos boasts a low-key atmosphere, perfect for making new friends and exploring local cuisine.

Indulge in the simple authenticity of Takis, a quaint fish tavern with beachside tables, or treat yourself to fine Mediterranean cuisine at Rizes. Don’t miss the rustic dishes at Marathoriza or the Italian fare at Porto Vecchio. As you explore the island’s tavernas, be prepared to fall in love with Serifos’ unchanging spirit and nature.


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It is an elegant restaurant with a fantastic view of the harbour. Its menu centres around fine Mediterranean cuisine, and the dishes served here have a creative gourmet twist. Fish carpaccio, fresh, delicious salads, pasta dishes and vegetable dishes are among the specialties.

Address: Serifos, “Rizes Hotel”, Agios Sostis, Livadakia, Phone: 2281052222 , 6945151603, Website:



Local dishes, some with personal touches from experienced cook Vivian Youla, who uses raw materials mainly from local producers and serves dishes that are rustic, delicious, unpretentious and honest. Specials include rabbit with rosemary, lamb with sage, excellent homemade louza with garlic, cumin and allspice and chickpeas in a clay pot.

Address: Serifos, Pano Chora, Phone: 2281 052656, Website:

Porto Vecchio

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A scenic Italian restaurant with tables on the beach by the sea. They serve delicious pizzas topped with quality local and other ingredients, fresh pasta and refreshing ice cream.

Address: Serifos, Livadi, Phone: 2281 052532



People come here for the view, and well-roasted, quality meats. The terrace has a wonderful view of the Aegean Sea and a dreamy sunset, which goes well with freshly prepared Greek specialties.

Address: Serifos, Tsigouri, Phone: 2281 052603, Website:


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One of the oldest restaurants on the island, located in an internal alley and open all year round. It has tables on the terrace and serves creative dishes inspired by regional Greek and ethnic cuisine such as chicken with caramelized molasses, sushi made from locally caught fish and smoked swordfish with Florina peppers and garlic.

Address: Livadi, Phone: 2281 051755, Website:


Takis Serifos

A quaint fish tavern set right in front of the water with tables set on the sandy beach. They serve fresh catch of the day, delicious homecooked-0style traditional dishes like stuffed tomatoes and pastitsio, fresh grilled and pan-fried fish and traditional stews. Don’t miss out on their mouthwatering fried shrimps.

Address: Serifos, Livadi, Phone: 2281 051159, Website:

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