The Three Greek Islands Chosen by Italians for May and June Vacations


According to the most popular Italian travel website My Greek Salad, which specializes in Greek destinations, Astypalea, Naxos, and Skopelos are the three most popular Greek islands for vacations in May and June.

According to the Italian website, Astypalea, Naxos, and Skopelos offer exceptional and diverse experiences before the high season, based on the impressions of hundreds of friends on the blog and social media.

As part of the feature, the beautiful Astypalea is an island in the Dodecanese that "aesthetically" reminds more of a Cycladic island. The chora with its windmills, the beaches, and above all the feeling that time stops here captivate Italian travelers. The pioneering "green" project that will provide 100% sustainable mobility for vehicles is also making a great impression worldwide.

Naxos, which the list's author describes as the ideal place for those who love the authentic Greece, full of sandy beaches, mountainous villages, alternative activities, and picturesque, enchanting squares dominated by plane trees, takes second place.

The list is completed by Skopelos, which, according to My Greek Salad, is a destination where the blue of the sea and the green of nature are offered in generous quantities and which, despite its reputation as the island of Mamma Mia, has managed to remain authentic, quality, and serene. Representatives of the three municipalities, in coordination with the website, systematically inform the Italian travel community about the trends shaping the new season.

"In recent years, Astypalea has 'invested' in actions to strengthen its extroversion, resulting in it becoming a pole of attraction for new and 'traditional' markets, before and after the tourist peak. Sustainability, a key component of our new identity, now touches a category of increasingly sensitized tourists," says Kostas Kampylis, Deputy Mayor of Tourism in the Municipality of Astypalea.

"Naxos is evolving into a destination that goes beyond the sun-and-sea model and provides a non-mass tourism 'product' at reasonable prices, enjoyed by our visitors from spring to autumn. Hiking, cycling, diving, water sports, island hopping in the Small Cyclades, gastronomy, traditions, and a rich history are the reference point for thousands of tourists from Europe, America, Australia, and even Asia who want to experience what they have dreamed of," emphasizes Vangelis Katsaras, Deputy Mayor of Tourism in the Municipality of Naxos and Small Cyclades.

"Skopelos is a unique destination case that was not 'conquered' by the big cinematic success, but remains authentic, steadily making progress and gentle development. Targeted promotion, weddings, alternative activity choices, and the inextricable connection of local production and art with tradition and unspoiled natural beauty in a Mamma Mia atmosphere led to record visitor numbers last year and created a new dynamic for 2024," said Eva Karamesini, Chair of the Tourism Committee of the Municipality of Skopelos.

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