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GCT celebrates World Photography Day

World Photography Day – a globally recognised celebration of photography and photographic history. In celebration of World Photography Day earlier this week, we remember some of the best shots and stories captured…

The Evzones Collection, by Nick Bourdaniotis

The Evzones Collection by Nick Bourdaniotis

Born in Nambour, Queensland, Nick Bourdaniotis grew up in Brisbane and moved to Sydney in 2001. Nick’s passion for photography began at a young age and his unique and artistic approach to…

My Greek Odyssey set to air this month in Australia   8

My Greek Odyssey set to air this month in Australia  

Be prepared to be wowed by the beauty, uniqueness and sheer splendor of Greece when new TV series, My Greek Odyssey, commences on Sunday, March 24, screening across Australia on Channel 7…

My Greek Odyssey

My Greek Odyssey Launch Success

‘My Greek Odyssey’, a 13-part television series that takes viewers to some of the most spectacular and unique islands in Greece, was launched on Tuesday June 19th before a crowd of excited…

Peter Maneas: My Greek Odyssey

Peter Maneas: My Greek Odyssey

For many of us, whiling away the hours on a deserted beach, with crystal clear water at our feet, the sun’s rays heating our back, an ice-cold frappe in our hand and…