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Six in ten Greeks believe their headaches are caused by the ‘Mati’

A study carried out by the Society for Headache and Migraine Patients has found that six out of ten Greeks…

4 weeks ago

The NATO Land Forces Command in Smyrna congratulates Turkey on the Asia Minor Catastrophe

The NATO Land Forces Command (LANDCOM) based in Izmir posted a congratulatory message to Turkey on the anniversary of the…

1 month ago

BREAKING: Current Greece fire is the biggest wildfire ever recorded in the European Union

A forest blaze in Greece is the largest wildfire ever recorded in the EU and the bloc is mobilising nearly…

1 month ago

Mitsotakis met with Modi - The Indian business people have arrived in Athens

Shortly after 11:00 in the morning, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis welcomed his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi at the Maximos Palace…

1 month ago

Lighthouses across Greece open to the public this Sunday

On August 20th, Greece’s navy will open more than 27 lighthouses to the public as part of the International Lighthouse…

2 months ago

Greece Expands Golden Visa Limit for Property Purchases

Greece announced this week that it has increased the golden visa limit for property purchases. As of August 1, the…

2 months ago

More than 40 houses burnt in Loutraki

The fire that first broke out last Monday in Kallithea, Loutraki, and then spread to other areas is contained and…

3 months ago

IMDb describes Netflix's Queen Cleopatra "documentary" as FICTIONAL STORY

Although actors and directors are digging in deep and defending their blackwashing of Greek-Egyptian history amid mass outrage and criticism,…

5 months ago

Sydney man jailed over 'senseless and cruel' murder of Greek Australian after 'trivial' vendetta over fake sold on Facebook

The mother of a man murdered for the most trivial of reasons says the remorse of a man jailed for…

6 months ago

Makis Delaportas - An Artist Who Compiles the Biographies Of Great Greek Artists

Delaportas's love for Greek cinema led him in 1989 to deal with discography and edit more than 300 records, saving…

8 months ago

Spotlight on Sister Irini the only nun on Amorgos Island

Spotlight on Sister Irini the only nun on Amorgos Island

9 months ago

Greece counts on direct air links to boost Chinese arrivals

Drawing on the direct air links between Athens, the capital of Greece, and Beijing and Shanghai in China, Athens International…

9 months ago

The amazing island of Spinalonga Crete had a Dark history

Spinalonga island started as a Venetian fortress (1574-1715), became an Ottoman colony (1715-1898) after the Venetian-Ottoman wars. Spinalonga in Crete…

9 months ago

82 years ago, an Evzone graced the front cover of Life Magazine

On December 16, 1940, at the height of the Greco-Italian War, Life placed an Evzone with a backdrop of the…

10 months ago

Greek saffron known as the best in the world

Cleopatra used it to infuse her bathwater, while Alexander the Great bathed his battle wounds with it and drank saffron…

10 months ago

On this day in 2018, Albanian police killed Konstantinos Katsifas for raising the Greek flag on ‘OXI Day’

On the 28th October 2018, Konstantinos Katsifas, a 35-year-old man belonging to the native Greek community of Northern Epirus in…

11 months ago

Mandatory Rapid Test for Unvaccinated Workers in Greece

The Health Ministry has mandated that all unvaccinated employees in Greece's public and commercial sectors must undergo a quick Covid-19…

1 year ago

Greece win over Croatia in EuroBasket 2022 opener

Dallas Mavericks two-way wing Tyler Dorsey played a key role in Greece’s 89-85 win over Croatia to open their EuroBasket slate on…

1 year ago

Xronia Polla Nikos Vertis, who turns 46 today

Xronia Polla to Nikos Vertis! The now 45-year-old singer released his latest single on July 2nd and the official music…

1 year ago


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