Sydney's famous Alevri is doing all it can in these uncertain times

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Sydney's famous Alevri is doing all it can in these uncertain times.

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Sydney's famous Alevri is doing all it can in these uncertain times.

Alevri is fast becoming a household name and a staple in homes around Sydney and is showing us how persistence, perseverance as well as the ability to pivot during these incredibly tough times can result in some reasonably good results.  We say "reasonably good" because by the owner’s admission, Mr Akis Daikos, what they’re doing is not exactly bringing them any serious financial rewards right now, but at least they can remain open to serve the people they love most, their customers, who they refer to as their family.

“We are a husband and wife team who have surrounded ourselves with the most loyal people and staff, who genuinely want to see this brand (Alevri) continue to grow.” Said Mr Daikos.  My wife Kathy, my mother-in-law, father-in-law and our entire family are working, or have worked at some stage to help us along the way – That’s what family does.  We have worked closely with a branding agency who have helped build our image and grow our brand every step of the way, and everyone associated with our business is entirely committed to the success of Alevri.  Without these people, let’s just say none of this would be possible.” Mr Daikos acknowledges.

But as a true entrepreneur, Mr Daikos is always looking to grow, build and create new ways of existing during C0vid19. One of the service offerings he recently launched is the humorously named personal home delivery service, known as ‘Menuwog’.  This is a show of Alevri’s tenacity and commitment towards their staff and clientele, ensuring staff remain employed and his customers remain fed.  Through Menuwog, the entire Alevri offerings are available for personal home delivery to your door, and by personal we mean Mr Daikos and his crew jump into their own vehicles and personally deliver to your door.

Mr Daikos said that he "decided to do this out of sheer desperation.  Business had dropped so fast, virtually overnight, as soon as the lock down was announced and restrictions were put into place, that we had to think fast.

“After calling an urgent meeting with my team, we all agreed that we have to adopt a ‘whatever it takes attitude’ if we were to have any chance of survival.”

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A sense of humour is so important in these times

"We tried to introduce Menuwog to all three stores, but unfortunately it didn't take off at our Alevri.X stores in Dulwich Hill and Roselands." Said Mr Daikos. "We've realised that most people around these areas like to pop in, as generally they're out and about anyway, for their daily exercise at Dulwich Hill and surrounding suburbs and out for essential shopping at Roselands Shopping Centre."

"Our focus for Menuwog is now purely on Alevri.HQ at the Cazzie in Kingsford.  That's been going really well.  We also just want to remind everyone that a call and collect option is available at all stores, to help minimise our customer's time outdoors and to help them  avoid potential queues and crowds." Mr Daikos continued.

Alevri’s Menuwog Personal Home Delivery is servicing the following areas:

(ALEVRI.HQ KINGSFORD – DELIVERING 7 DAYS: If you live or work in the following areas call 0424455810 to place your orders). Also available on @ubereats_aus and @easi_au






















Minimum spend is $25 and the delivery is free.

With the all new Alevri.HQ at the Castellorizian Club, Kingsford opening only two weeks prior to the latest lock down, new staff, rent and added overheads to the already established Alevri locations in Roselands and Dulwich Hill, it was going to be a tough slog to continue to operate at all. And while the food wastage was minimised with Mr and Mrs Daikos donating to the less fortunate, as they have done through every business they have ever run, it was not an ideal position they found themselves in.

Always looking for new ideas to bring communities together as well as ways of thanking his beloved Alevri Family, Mr Daikos sought the advice of his team again to find a way to give back to the community.  And this next idea is pure Greek genius!

For the remainder of the lock down, all Alevri stores will be celebrating a true Greek tradition in a truly Greek way.

On your Saint's feast day, you will be entitled to grab a regular coffee of your choice for free when you buy any of their pites.

Look for posts like these on Alevri.HQ and Alevri.X on Facebook and Instagram on your nameday.

The terms and conditions are as follows:

* Limit one coffee per person celebrating, per day. All you need to do is bring a valid ID, purchase a pita or pites, to claim your free coffee.

* The offer is not subject to the amount of pites you purchase. The recipient is entitled to one (1) free regular coffee regardless of how many pites are purchased.

* Offer is available for take away customers only.

* Offer is not transferable and must be claimed by the person whose nameday it is, on the date stipulated on their socials.

* Offer is available at all 3 Alevri locations, Kingsford, Dulwich Hill and Roselands.

* And to the non-Greeks, don't despair, the offer is open to you too as we share many first names.

For any queries to Alevri, please call:

Alevri.HQ Kingsford: 0424455810

Alevri.X Roselands: 0450700530

Alevri.X Dulwich Hill: 0450709700

Be sure to check them out on their social handles @alevri.hq and @alevri.x

* Images by George Karantonis / Image Smart (Copyright)