Australian Prime Minister's "All-Time Favourite" Greek Restaurant Wins Award

Prime Minister of Australia Anthony Albanese all time favourite restaurant is Greek Corinthian Rotisserie Marrickville

It's official. Greek food is the best. Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese's "all time favourite restaurant" the well-known 'Corinthian Rotisserie', has won the Inner West Council Small Business Award for the most exceptional restaurant.

More than just a place to eat, 'Corinthian Rotisserie' has become an institution over the years and is located in Sydney's inner-west suburb of Marrickville, originally a working-class Greek suburb that has since evolved due to gentrification of the area.

Marrickville's Greek community has a rich history dating back to the early 20th century when Greek immigrants began settling in the area. As a result of it's longstanding, strong Greek community, Marrickville has been nicknamed "Little Greece" and is known for its Greek restaurants, cafes, and shops that offer traditional Greek food, sweets, and products.

The suburb is also home several Greek-inspired murals that reflect the suburb's cultural heritage, one of the most notable being the three-storey high artwork located on Marrickville Lane that features a stunning depiction of a Greek goddess with the patriotic slogan ‘Freedom or Death’ (eleftheria I thanatos) emblazoned across the top.

Anthony Albanese favourite Greek restaurant Corinthian Rotisserie Marrickville

'Corinthian Rotisserie' has been operating in Marrickville for four decades and is a rare find in inner Sydney, which is primarily dominated by hipster joints. Owners Frank Giannakelos and his wife Marie are still working at the restaurant at 80 and 70 years old, in a display of passion and dedication that is truly inspiring. Working alongside them is their son Chris, 46, while their other son George, 49, works in the dining room.

The Corinthian Rotisserie's slow cooked lamb shanks prepared by 70 year owner Marie Giannakelos are "to die for", according to the Prime Minister of Australia, Anthony Albanese

The authentic atmosphere of the 'Corithian Rotisserie' and its delectable dishes have kept loyal diners coming back for decades. Even the Prime Minister of Australia, Anthony Albanese has been a devoted patron of the 'Corinthian Rotisserie' for 20 years.

Well-known to be a philhellene, with a deep love and appreciation for Greek culture, Albanese has often spoken publicly about his love for Greece, its people, and its culture; and has been a strong advocate for the Greek community in Australia, particularly in relation to issues such as the recognition of the Greek Genocide and the reunification of Cyprus. In 2016, Prime Minister Albanese addressed the Greek-Australian community in Melbourne in Greek, impressing the audience with his fluency. In 2019, he spoke in Parliament about the importance of commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Pontian Greek Genocide.

Speaking on Australian radio station Triple M earlier this year, Mr Albanese named 'Corinthian Rotissere' as his “all-time favourite restaurant, calling it 'the best Greek in Marrickville' and saying that the lamb prepared by 70 year old owner Marie Giannakelos is “to die for”.

Given Prime Minister Anthony Albanese's deep knowledge and appreciation of Greek culture, his claims that the Corinthian Rotisserie's lamb is irresistible, should not be taken lightly!

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The Corinthian Rotisserie's slow cooked lamb shanks prepared by 70 year owner Marie Giannakelos are "to die for", according to the Prime Minister of Australia, Anthony Albanese.

“We've been here 43 years and Anthony Albanese has been coming for 20 years and his office is across the road,” Chris Giannakelos told Daily Mail Australia in January.

“He's like a regular customer, a normal person.”

Mr Giannakelos added that there are numerous other famous diners who regularly visit the restaurant but didn't want to name names, however judging by the restaurant's Instagram account world champion boxer George "Ferocious" Kambosos is amongst them.

Over the restaurant's 43 years of business, Giannakelos family has definitely mastered the culinary art of creating dishes that tantalise the taste buds. Their menu features different authentic grills, calamari, moussaka, and charcoal grilled kefalakia for adventurous eaters.

The 'Corinthian Roisserie' is a testament to Giannakelos family's hard work and dedication over the passage of time, and it offers a glimpse of authenticity and tradition for those who value such things.

This Greek restaurant is a must-visit destination for anyone interested in experiencing Greek culture and cuisine in Sydney.

Corinthian Rotisserie

Authentic Greek Cuisine | Est. 1980

282 Marrickville Rd Marrickville, Sydney, Australia

Instagram: @corinthian_greekrotisserie