Syndesi Debuts with Handmade, One-of-a-Kind Greek Artwork & Story Collection

Syndesi Debuts with Handmade, One-of-a-Kind Greek Artwork & Story Collection

Connecting Art, Tradition, and Storytelling in a Modern World

In a world increasingly defined by mass production and fleeting trends, Syndesi emerges as a refreshing oasis of authentic artistry and meaningful connections. Founded by Eleni Eleftheriou, a Greek American with a profound passion for her heritage, Syndesi is more than just an online art shop; it is a bridge that spans generations, cultures, and oceans. With its debut, Syndesi brings forth a curated collection of handmade Greek ceramics and captivating photography that not only captivates the eye but also touches the heart.

Syndesi, meaning "connection" in Greek, encapsulates the essence of its mission: to reconnect people with the rich tapestry of Greek history, traditions, and culture. The debut offerings, Collection & Story No. 01 and Collection & Story No. 02, offer an intimate glimpse into the soul of Greece through two distinct lenses—photography and ceramics.

Eleni Eleftheriou, the visionary behind Syndesi, uses her lens to capture the essence of Greek daily life. Through her 35mm film camera, she immortalises moments that reflect the heart of Greece, from the timeless embrace of the sea to the warmth of family gatherings around Yiayia's table. Eleni's photographic journey is not just a visual experience; it's a journey of heritage, an exploration of identity, and a tribute to the power of storytelling. Each image is carefully framed in antique accents, mirroring the idea that these frozen moments are heirlooms of the future.

Wearing my grandfather’s suit jacket in my grandmother’s chair, you can already tell I’m sentimental. I keep heirlooms close. Notes of the past infuse my present. Like a warm hug, they support me. That was the inspiration for starting Syndesi. We may spring up in different places, but our roots are all the same. This is an ode to those roots. It’s my belief that storytelling brings healing and can pave a new way forward. It’s a joy to rediscover my homeland through the eyes of local artists that I meet and get to share with you. Thanks for coming along this journey with me.
With love,

Adonis Atsonios, a third-generation ceramicist, brings his family's legacy to life in Collection & Story No. 02. His workshop, nestled on the enchanting Sifnos Island, has been crafting pottery for over 80 years. The signature flower motif, a testament to Adonis's ancestral design, graces Syndesi's ceramics, infusing each piece with a touch of tradition. From rustic mugs and timeless baking dishes to contemporary vases, these ceramics are not mere objects; they are vessels that carry the spirit of Greek culinary heritage and creativity.

Andonis Atsonios carries forward the legacy started by his grandfather. Originally Atsonios Ceramics made kitchenware called 'kaikia' or pots for the over.

A Journey Beyond Art With Stories that Resonate

What sets Syndesi apart is its commitment to storytelling. Each collection is accompanied by Eleni Eleftheriou's narratives, which breathe life into the art. These stories transform mere objects into vessels of history, emotion, and human connection. In a world often consumed by rapid consumption, Syndesi encourages us to pause, reflect, and embrace the stories that have shaped us.

As Syndesi brings the past into the present, it also plants the seeds for a better future. In partnership with Treeapp, a Certified B Corp focused on reforestation, Syndesi pledges to plant a tree for every purchase made. This commitment echoes Syndesi's values—just as the art connects us to our roots, the trees connect us to the Earth, ensuring a more sustainable and harmonious world for generations to come.

Eleni Eleftheriou, the driving force behind Syndesi, embodies the intersection of heritage and creativity. With a background in fashion from iconic houses like Hermes and Salvatore Ferragamo, coupled with her art history studies at the University of Southern California, Eleni's journey has uniquely prepared her to curate and create. Her annual pilgrimages to Greece serve not only to enrich Syndesi's collection but also to deepen her own bond with her family, culture, and history.

Adonis Atsonios, the craftsman behind Syndesi's ceramic marvels, is a living testament to the enduring power of tradition. As a third-generation ceramicist, he not only continues his family's legacy but also adds his own brushstrokes to the canvas of Greek pottery. The signature flower motif, passed down from father to son, is a nod to the past while embracing the present.

A Tapestry of Connections

Syndesi's debut marks a significant chapter in the realm of art, culture, and heritage. With a commitment to authenticity, storytelling, and sustainability, Syndesi weaves together the threads of the past, present, and future. As we adorn our homes with Syndesi's handcrafted treasures, we not only celebrate Greek artistry but also embark on a journey of connection—one that spans continents and generations, anchoring us in our shared human experience.

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