Anna Vissi: I have been in an abusive relationship, I asked for help

Anna Vissi

Anna Vissi looked back at her 50-year career and her life since she left Cyprus and came to Athens in 1973, in her interview, which will be shown in the early hours of Monday, October 30.

The beloved singer Anna Vissi spoke to "Teta a Tet" about music and unknown aspects of her personal life. She also revealed that he has been "in an abusive relationship and had to ask for help."

"I have experienced this, yes. I asked for help, and they helped me. And, of course, I broke up," she replied to Tassos Tryfonos, who also interviewed her.

Also, she spoke about her daughter, Sofia, and her relationship with Nikos Karvelas.

The singer referred to the partners they had after their marriage. At the same time,s he also had a rare and difficult time when Sofia Karvela was in an alcohol detoxification centre.

She said about Nikos Karvelas: "We wanted to separate; it's not that we didn't want to, we just couldn't stand it. The women with Niko and the men with me sometimes misunderstand our relationship."

The trailer of the interview that will be shown on Monday, October 30

She continued: "I don't remember cheating, but I do remember lusting after others. If there were to be an award for best father or mother, neither of us would get it."

Finally, referring to Sofia Karvela and her detoxification, Anna Vissi said: "I was there, together we were in this centre that she wanted to enter and detoxify; it was a difficult period, for her especially."

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