African tourist vandalises ancient Greek artefacts

Greek officials have reported an unprecedented attack on an archeological museum in Macedonia, where a woman of African origin is reported to have sprayed more than 10 commemorative fixtures inside the Vergina…

Greek girls plant Greek flag on top of the world

Two brave Greek female mountain climbers have planted Greece’s flag on top of the seventh highest mountain peak in the world. Christina Flambouri and team mate Vanessa Archontidou managed to plant the…

Migrant riots in Moria, Lesvos

Another bout of riots has occurred on the island of Lesvos when a group of Africans at the Moria migration reception centre began burning surrounding olive groves and destroying infrastructure. Greek authorities…

New game plan for FYROM name dispute

A revised strategy will be developed for the resolution of the name dispute between Greece and FYROM according to Matthew Nimetz, the United Nations Special Representative handling the issue. Nimetz said there…

Glamorous Andros, a hidden Cycladic Gem

Just two breezy hours by ferry boat from Athens’ Rafina port, Andros, the “island of the sea captains” is the greenest and northernmost of the Cycladic group and has only recently begun…

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