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The Best Greek Superstitions: Read for Good Luck!

Every culture has its collection of superstitions - serious or half-serious, irrational beliefs relating to supernatural rituals performed to ward…

19 hours ago

Restoring the Majesty of the Hercules Mastai Righetti: Uncovering the Largest Known Bronze Statue of the Ancient World

Hercules Mastai is an Ancient Greek bronze sculpture. The statue has been variously dated from the end of the first to the beginning of…

2 weeks ago

Italy returns ancient Greek stele, illegally exported back to Turkey

A funerary stele from the second century with a loving inscription in Ancient Greek to the deceased woman's spouse was…

1 month ago

The Ancient Greeks were only 10 years away from inventing the steam-powered water pump

Ancient Greek engineers were only, according to National Technical College professor Theodosis Tassios, ten to a maximum of 100 years…

3 months ago

Sweden returns the seal cylinder of Asini to Greece

At a time when the head of the British Museum rules out, through his statements, the definitive repatriation of the…

3 months ago

FEBRUARY 9: Celebrating International Greek Language Day (VIDEO)

February 9 has officially been declared as International Greek Language Day and is a day for Greeks and non-Greeks to celebrate the important…

4 months ago

Thesauri Greek Caviar: available in Australia

Thesauri is one of the world’s precious few companies involved in sturgeon farming and caviar production and the only such…

4 months ago

'Which tragic Greek figure are you?': The new TikTok trend centred around Ancient Greece (VIDEO)

TikTok has become the go-to destination for mind-blowing optical illusions and quizzes. One test, in particular, recently made the rounds…

4 months ago

Shia LaBeouf became an ancient Greek woman in gold high heels and revealing white dress (PHOTOS)

Shia LaBeouf was immortalised on the streets of Atlanta by dressing as an Ancient Greek woman in gold high heels…

4 months ago

The Ancient Greek mythological roots of Macaroni

If people were to choose their favourite foods, macaroni and cheese would certainly be on that list - but how…

4 months ago

KALANUS: The Saddhu who stopped Alexander the Great’s invasion of India

Alexander the Great came as an invader to India and the legacy he left behind includes many legends and mythologies,…

6 months ago

Ancient Greek Altar Found at Patara Archaeological Site in Turkey

A marble altar with an ancient Greek inscription dating over 2.000 years old was discovered recently by Turkish archeologists at…

6 months ago

Fikos: Painter of the Largest Mural in Greek and Byzantine Art History

Painter and muralist, Fikos is the creator of the largest mural in the history of Greek and Byzantine art. Entitled…

6 months ago

Football was Invented in Ancient Greece and it was Called Episkyros

Fact of the day: Football was invented in ancient Greece.

7 months ago

Ancient Foundations Unearthed in Athens

Excavation works that began on the 7th October 2022 as part of a project carried out by the Municipality of…

7 months ago

2,200-year-old Greek bathhouse discovered in Egypt

A 2,200-year-old Greek bathhouse dating to the second half of the third century B.C. have been discovered reportedly discovered in…

7 months ago

How music education cultivates the mind

Music is the most archaic of all sciences and not only the arts, as most may think. It is regarded…

7 months ago

Ancient Greek Medicine Is Still Practiced In India Today

Although the Ancient Greeks and Indians exchanged wisdom and ideas, including architecture, sculpture, coins, food, and the Greek language and…

7 months ago

'Rarest ever' mosaic depicting the Trojan War is found in Syria

Remarkably intact artwork created 1,600 years ago shows colourful images of ancient Greek soldiers and Amazons who fought in the…

8 months ago

'Miracle plant' used by ancient Greeks rediscovered in Turkey after scientists believed it was eaten into extinction 2,000 years ago

A 'miracle' plant consumed by the ancient Greeks, but also the Romans and Egyptians, has been rediscovered in Turkey after…

8 months ago


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