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Disgraced Curator Ordered to Return Stolen Greek Antiquities to British Museum

In a significant development today, a London court has directed Peter Higgs, a former curator of the British Museum, to…

March 27, 2024

A 2,500-year-old Greek vase might fetch a record-breaking price at auction

This exquisite 550 BC amphora, believed to be more of an art piece than a storage jar, is estimated to…

March 4, 2024

Giant Statue Returns to Ancient Greek Archaeological Site in Sicily

After 20 years of study, research and restoration, the telamon (Atlantean), a colossal anthropomorphic statue that supported the architrave of…

March 2, 2024

Archaeologists uncover Pompeii fresco depicting mythological Greek siblings

A lavish painting depicting mythological Greek siblings has been unearthed during an excavation in the ruins of the ancient city…

March 2, 2024

1,600-year-old Greek inscription discovered at Ancient site of Israel

A 1,600-year-old mosaic bearing a rare Greek inscription was discovered in an ancient Samaritan winepress in the southern Sharon plain…

February 29, 2024

Beyond the Anthem: Discovering the Poetic Power of Dionysios Solomos

Why Does Greece Celebrate This Poet Every Year? Unraveling the Legacy of Dionysios Solomos

February 9, 2024

Celebrating International Greek Language Day

February 9 has officially been declared as International Greek Language Day and is a day for Greeks and non-Greeks to celebrate the important…

February 9, 2024

40 Ancient Greek mummies discovered in Egypt

In 2017, Egypt unveiled over 40 mummies dating back to the Ptolemaic era at a burial site in the country's…

February 4, 2024

New research suggests Ancient Greeks rarely suffered from dementia

What chances did important Ancient Greek figures of antiquity, such as Pericles and Socrates, have to develop dementia? None, according…

February 3, 2024

Ancient Greek inscription ‘Christ, born of Mary’ unearthed in northern Israel

A 1,500-year-old Ancient Greek inscription bearing the name “Christ, born of Mary” was unearthed in northern Israel. The archaeologists discovered…

January 16, 2024

MAGNA GRAECIA: 2 Doric temples found in ancient Greek city of Poseidonia-Paestum, Italy

Two ancient Doric temples were unearthed in the Ancient Greek city of Poseidonia, modern Paestum, south of Naples in southern…

January 15, 2024

Excavations Uncover 2,000-Year-Old Roman Tomb near Ancient Greek City of Hamaxitus

The ancient Greek city of Hamaxitus was located in present-day Gülpınar, Turkey’s Çanakkale Province. Originally settled by Mytilenaeans in the…

December 28, 2023

Football was Invented in Ancient Greece and it was Called Episkyros

Fact of the day: Football was invented in ancient Greece.

November 13, 2023

Forging forgotten Ancient Greek armour

Dimitrios Katsikis, a self-taught master of the forgotten art of melding metal to forge ancient Greek armour, is a timekeeper…

October 31, 2023

Frogs | World's First Film in Ancient Greek!

"Frogs" is the first film made using Ancient Greek and is now dubbed. Viewers will be able to see both…

October 28, 2023

Greek writing found on Mosaic floors from the 1500-year-old lost 'Church of the Apostles'

Archeologists uncovered 1,500-year-old mosaics believed to be above Peter and Andrew's home

October 22, 2023

Greece's Oldest House: The House of Tiles

Discovered within the historical site of Lerna in Greece's Argolid region, the ‘House of Tiles’ stands as a significant relic…

October 6, 2023

Erroneous Ancient 'Prayer of David' Text Unearthed in West Bank Monastery

A remarkable discovery has been made in the West Bank, as archaeologists have uncovered a 1,500-year-old text containing a section…

October 6, 2023

Ancient Greek 'alarm clock' stuns researchers with 2,000-year-old technology

Ctesibius or Ktesibios or Tesibius was a Greek inventor and mathematician in Alexandria, Ptolemaic Egypt. He wrote the first treatises…

September 25, 2023

Unearthing the Ancient Greek City of Kelenderis: A Glimpse into the Goddess Hecate's Realm

The ancient city of Kelenderis, situated in the southern province of Mersin in Turkey, has revealed remarkable artifacts during ongoing…

August 20, 2023
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