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Sophia Stamou’s 'The Anthology of Greek Gastronomy'

Sophia Stamou’s 'The Anthology of Greek Gastronomy'

Accomplished food writer and host and producer of ‘The Anthology of Greek Gastronomy’ Sophia Stamou was only 12 years old when she first started practicing culinary art and continues to collect the best out of any place in Greece she visits during the filming and production of her shows and books. GCT speaks to Sophia to find out more.

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Papadopoulos: Greece's Famous Biscuits, Loved by People Worldwide

The Greek brand Papadopoulos is loved worldwide by people of all ages. In addition to Caprice sticks, its other well-known biscuit varieties include: Petit Beurre, Gemista, Miranda, Cream Crackers, Digestive, Krispies and Traditional Village Rusks, which have been the firm favourites of generations of Greeks.

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