The young man behind ‘Bruno Barba’


Young entrepreneur Yiorgo Vamvoukakis, spent months and months trialling and experimenting day and night to produce unique, organic beard products ideal for men of all ages- wishing to keep themselves immaculately groomed.

At the age of 22, Yiorgo has taken a leap of faith and just launched his own grooming business named Bruno Barba.

Yiorgo explained, “The company’s name ‘Bruno Barba’ has a European influence meaning ‘brown haired beard’ in Italian and although I’m Greek, what better suited name for my company seeing as that is exactly what I have; a brown haired beard.”

GCT recently caught up with Yiorgo to ask him a few questions about his new business venture that helps guys keep their beards looking clean, sleek and sharp

Where did the idea come from?

I originally started growing my ‘ethnic’ stubble for another job I had just over a year ago. I kept the scruff growing and the more it grew, the more I was approached by beard care companies to try their products. To me they were all the same in smell and look. I wasn’t too impressed by them. I eventually stopped my other work and decided to pursue and research what it would take to create my own beard care range that would be a cut above the rest.

Could you please tell us more about the Australian-made products created ‘by the bearded’ ‘for the bearded’?

When I was doing my research, I wanted to be ten steps ahead of everyone else in the market, so I had to find some defining qualities to what I wanted to create. It took a lot of calls, talks with people and sourcing out to find the best ingredients that are not only Australian, but organic too.

What makes your products unique compared to others?

My products are for the bearded, as well as the stubbled man and the point of difference is the natural and organic Australian ingredients, as well as the sleek packaging and look of the products. I wanted to create a brand and product that allowed men to feel premium and looked after while still also feeling like a man.

The oils, Vanilla X, a nice sweet smelling and vibrant scent and King Cinn, a cinnamon, rustic, woodfire and spicey scent, also smooth out the hair follicles, softens it and gives it a non greasy shine, all while keeping the beard hairs healthy.

The beard balm product although unscented, is good for the skin and hair follicles, helps with ingrown hairs and moisturises and softens the beard/stubble while it helps to keep the beard hairs down, neat and tidy, similar to a wax for the hair.

Where can your products be purchased?

The online store has just launched. Here customers can purchase the beard care products. For all enquiries both retail and wholesale, please feel free to contact me via email or social media.

What are your goals for your company in the future?

I have huge goals and aspirations for the company. Besides making it both national and international, I also want to introduce other ideas for women as well. Great thing about “Bruno Barba” is that it’s not going to be just for the men or beards. I’ll be branching out into fashion, beauty and hopefully a lot more in time to come.


Antonia Komarkowski

Antonia Komarkowski is a second year student at the University of Sydney majoring in Modern Greek & Media & Communications. She is also on the Hellenic Club Sydney Youth Board. From a young age she loved dancing, public speaking, presenting, performing, m'cing, reading & writing. Antonia also has a passion for her Greek culture, which started at a very young age. Her parents say, “She could Greek Dance before she could run.” She loves learning about Greece's rich history, traditions, music &language & teaches Greek dancing. Seeing kids smile every time they dance makes her ecstatic- as she knew that feeling. GCT is happy to have Antonia on board as a permanent writer.

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